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Backyard Milling

At the start of 2022 we responded to a craigslist posting that offered logs for sale. Little did we know these folks Johnny and Jen would open up their standing dead logs to us in a trade agreement. The agreement was for us to mill for them specific dimension lumber and in exchange we could do what we wanted with the remainder of the wood.

Johnny helping us stage logs uphill to be moved into the sawmill. We learned a lot from this site about what the human body can do with some leverage and also that we don't want to work that hard again. If you ever have people cut down trees for you make sure they put them on dunnage(off the ground) and put them in a line and not a huge pile. The dunnage keeps them dry for years without having to worry about rotting in the sapwood(outer diameter of log).

Organizing a pile of mayhem by hand.

Here we have Sam posing with a large board and batten order mostly milled from Johnny and Jens.

Our first time using the weatherboard siding attachment took a bit of getting used to but we eventually figured it out. Here is an order of siding for a tiny house!

Thank you Johnny and Jen for this great opportunity to learn our machine and open our minds to the potential to turn backyard logs into usable building material.

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